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New Home Marketing Trends: (Part 1 of 8)


Since our founding in 2001, we’ve seen dramatic changes in New Home Marketing. We have witnessed how it has evolved from Print to Digital to Personalized to now Experiential Marketing techniques. Practically, we have followed suit: migrating from print brochures to digital content (responsive design websites) to interactive home design apps to today’s virtual tours using 360s, augmented and virtual reality, and drones. In the near future, we’ll see the culmination of all of these trends where Buyers can interactively explore their customize-designed virtual homes online anytime, anywhere and from any device. 
Traditionally, new home marketing has been slow to change and to technologically innovate. However, faster and more revolutionary technology advances are accelerating the evolution of these progressively advanced marketing approaches. Make sure your marketing media and campaigns effectively utilize these new technologies.
With the major shift from print to digital, renderings have evolved from 2D B&W hand-illustrations to 3D color computer renderings. More recently, the growing popularity of videos has sparked a migration from still Renderings to Animations (i.e. 360s and Virtual Tours). Animations help Homebuyers visualize a new development and generate pre-sales excitement.

The next technology leap will be Augmented and Virtual Reality – probably in conjunction with drone videos. The “digitalization” of new home marketing has accelerated the pace of revolutionary rendering advances. These new technologies will fundamentally change the way Homebuyers visualize new homes and communities – and the way Homebuilders sale and market their homes.

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