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New Home Marketing Trends (Part 4 or 8)

For SEO, the goal is to drive Buyers to the website. But visitors just found generic static renderings. Thankfully, new interactive Apps have made websites a more engaging, personalized experience. But Buyers still had to visit the Builder’s website to do this.

Meanwhile, the growing popularity of Social Media and Real Estate Portals have made the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, and Zillow routine destinations for Buyers. It’s simply easier to regularly visit familiar platforms than search dozens of completely different Builders’ websites.

So in addition to driving Buyers to their websites, Builders will need to bring their content to where the Buyers are at online – while retaining interactive features. APIs (Application Program Interfaces) do just that. They enable different platforms, websites, and apps to utilize an online rendering engine – without using an app or leaving the website. New home designs are simply rendered in the cloud and delivered straight to the Buyer’s desktop or mobile device.

This enables interactive renderings to be ubiquitous across many different digital channels.

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