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No More Static Cling!

New Home Marketing Trends (Part 5 or 8)

Builders have traditionally marketed new homes using static renderings. Not only does this not showcase the hundreds of product options available, but this is an ineffective way to facilitate a complex, expensive, and collaborative home purchase. Unlike new cars, new home shoppers cannot not customize, visualize, price, or even save their homes. Today’s buyers don’t want to drive around, attend presentations, and pick-up generic brochures. Instead, they want to learn, interact, and personalize their homes anytime, anywhere, and anyhow.

Traditional marketing required knowledgable sales people to bridge the information gaps. But with “real-time rendering” technology and interactive design apps, Buyers can now find, design, price, compare, share, and even save their personalize designs to their own cloud accounts.

No more static renderings and generic brochures, every rendering and brochure is personally created – with the Buyer’s selections itemized.

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