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Let’s Get Personal!

New Home Marketing Trends (Part 7 or 8)

Brochures and technology limitations have forced people to buy new homes from generic house renderings. Buyers endured risk, frustration, and endless meetings to bridge the differences between the sample house and their desired home.

Today’s buyers don’t want to shop generic products. They want personalized, interactive, and dynamically-created content and experiences – on their own time, place, and device. Instead of NAVIGATING dozens of complex pages only to see the SAME generic content as everyone else, they want UNIQUE content to be BROUGHT to them. They expect the web content to be created based on their preferences just like they experience on their Facebook, Pinterest, Linked-in, Netflix and other Web App websites.

The future of New Home Marketing will be Personalized where website content, and email and social media marketing campaigns are tailored to the shopper’s “profile” and the products are customizable by the Buyer.

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