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Your New Homes Visualization Software Company

Our software converts boring static Renderings into engaging, personalized Interactive Design. Enhanced with captivating Virtual Tours, this creates the exceptional shopping experience that effectively connects today's tech-savvy Consumers to your New Homes online.

Our products curate the customer experience and journey with visualizations to reduce the pain, risk, cost, and time of buying New Homes. Interactive Visualization not only lets Builders tell their stories. But it also lets each Home Buyer design, visualize and experience her dream home.

Seeing is Believing.



from traditional STATIC Renderings to INTERACTIVE Design Apps and Virtual Tours, advancing from boring Presentation Marketing to:​


Shoppers can design, visualize and save their home designs. They can then create personalized brochures and get their own "My Home" web page of their Favorites. Builders launch personalized marketing campaigns with unique content and promotions to each individual buyer.


Buyers can experience unbuilt homes via Virtual Reality, or with Augmented Reality, place their virtual house on a table or even the actual homesite! Virtual Tours are great ways to preview new communities and virtually put buyers into their new homes!


AI Virtual Buyers' Agents provide 24/7 concierge service to help online shoppers find and design their dream home. Using cloud data, it not only notifies buyers of matching homes and communities, but it instantly renders the custom and even predicts what options you would like.


Like progressive Builders, our transformation reflects the transition from traditional to tech-driven (“MarTech”) Sales and Marketing. This change marks the beginning of the New Home Industry’s Uber-like disruption.

Our Anewgo software provides an omnichannel, ecosystem built on a cloud rendering engine. This platform enables online shoppers to instantly find, design, visualize, experience, price, save, share and ultimately, buy their unbuilt virtual homes anytime, anywhere and anyhow.  Software drives real-time personalized content creation for essentially the same price as traditional static renderings!

Shoppers finally get the personalized online customer experience that they expect and Builders not only better connect with today’s tech-savvy shoppers, but they save enormous time and money in the process!


To reach today’s tech-savvy shoppers, we must also talk tech. Our Anewgo Apps reflect this technology revolution so that Builders can “make a new go” of new home marketing.

Our real-time Cloud Rendering Engine enables Builders to do just that! By instantly translating jargon-filled textual Builders’ Speak to meaningful visual Buyers’ Speak, Anewgo has become an online digital translator for New Home Marketing.

Now we’re talking!


Because We Do It...

ALLRendering, Design Apps and Virtual Tours

IN HIGH VOLUMEHundreds of Thousands of Visualizations since 2001

FASTSpecializing in High Volume, Quick Turnarounds

IN-HOUSEOur Own Content and Software, "Render In-House"

WITH CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGYRevolutionizing New Home Sales and Marketing

Since 2001, Rendering House, has created hundreds of thousands of visualization content for thousands of Builders, Developers, Architects and Agencies in the New Homes industry. With nearly 50 employees outside of Raleigh, NC, we create Renderings, Interactive Design Apps, and Virtual Tours.

With our cutting-edge technology which instantly translates data into engaging visualizations online, we are quickly evolving from a traditional creative-driven visualization content creator to a data-driven visualization software developer. We have the “brains behind the beauty”.